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Auckland is the largest metropolitan area in both Polynesia and New Zealandwith a population of 1. It is in the northern half of the North Islandon a narrow isthmus of land that joins the Northland peninsula to the rest of the North Island.

This article only deals with Auckland City itself. In four cities amalgamated; Manukau in the south, Waitakere in the west, North Shore in the north and Auckland City itself, on and around the isthmus. These other cities, rural areas, small towns and the islands of the Hauraki Gulf can be found in the Auckland Article source article.

Auckland is a modern cosmopolitan city with a population of 1. The city and suburbs have aukland casino within the same time frame and similar urban patterns as California Los Angeles and Auckland have shared urban planning designs and are sister cities. Today the city and suburbs sprawl over a large urban area, aukland casino to the east and west by two large harbours Waitemata and Manukau and ocean Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea beyond.

Many suburbs were once separate towns and offer examples of early European settlement Devonport, Mission Bay, Parnell Village, Ponsonby and Howick are historic suburban centres that remain well preserved and contain good examples of Victorian, Edwardian, Deco and Bungalow residential styles. An extensive tram system was removed in the s and motorway systems have since aukland casino implemented, although recent efforts to return two areas to trams for tourism purposes in the CBD Wynyard Quarter and at Western Springs linking the Zoo and Museum of Transport and Technology MOTAT have been successful.

Because of its large geographic sprawl and urban design focus on motorway systems public transport can be frustrating and is not cheap by international comparisons - however - most destinations within 5km aukland casino the CBD and of appeal to visitors visit web page served aukland casino frequent bus, train and ferry services from the Britomart transport centre located in the downtown aukland casino of the CBD.

An information aukland casino operates at the ferry building and from inside the street level entrance to the train station with information for all public transport options across the city. Regular ferry services depart the ferry building; with historic Devonport just 15min away - the view of the city and islands of the harbour make this a highly recommended trip.

Further away with plenty of good beaches, boutique accommodation, wineries and olive groves is Waiheke Island 45min. Also worth a visit by ferry is Rangitoto the large volcanic island that flanks the eastern horizon - take good walking shoes, food and water to walk to the top - it can be very hot in summer - a bus service operates on some days for those that dont want to walk enquire at the Britomart or ferry building information centre before setting out - and don't miss the last ferry back to the city as there is no accommodation on Rangitoto.

Popular areas on good bus routes aukland casino Ponsonby, Newmarket, Parnell, Mission Bay, Takapuna. A tourist explorer bus also completes a regular circuit of popular tourist sites. For travel to more distant suburban locations a car is recommended - many car hire firms have link aukland casino business in Auckland and rental rates are reasonable especially if renting for longer periods of time.

Be aware that parking in Auckland can be complicated - aukland casino sure you read and understand parking control signs local government enforces parking fines and has no hesitation to your vehicle towed. Be aware also of bus lanes zones aukland casino out on aukland casino road where only buses are permitted at certain times.

These zones are also signposted but it can be easy to miss seeing them article source concentrating on traffic. Aukland casino are large and the authority administering is not tolerant.

The Auckland area was first settled by a confluence of Māori people of different tribes more than years ago. From to the Tāmaki tribes terraced the volcanic cones, building pā settlements behind protective palisades. Across the isthmus they developed 2, hectares of kūmara sweet potato gardens. These earthworks are easily seen on Mt Eden - a volcanic aukland casino easily accessible from the CBD. European settlement began in the early s. The settlement resembled a shanty town in parts and ran along the gully in what is now Queen Street - alongside a creek now under aukland casino road.

The original shoreline remained until port reclamation and road development obscured it although the original aukland casino cliff can still be aukland casino in Shortland St, Fanshawe St and along The Strand in Parnell. The port is the biggest in New Zealand and continues to grow but continued harbour filling is controversial.

In the city became the capital of New Zealand for 25 years and migration from Europe and Australia began in earnest. The University of Auckland celebrates years in since it was founded in and historic buildings and fortifications can be seen on campus.

Aukland casino War Memorial Museum which houses a good collection of early Māori and European settlement on the ground floor and top floor respectively was built in and the eight lane Harbour Bridge linking the North Shore to the rest of aukland casino city was completed in and carries somevehicles per day.

Dominating the midtown skyline of the CBD is the Park casino Tower - an observation, restaurant and telecommunications tower completed in It is m 1, ft tall, aukland casino measured from ground level to top of the mast, making it the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Auckland is often known as the " City of Sails " for the large number of yachts that grace the Waitemata Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf. It could also be known as the " City of Extinct Volcanoes ". Much of its natural character comes from the fact that it is built on the Auckland Volcanic Field which consists of about 48 volcanoes. All of the volcanoes are individually extinct but the volcanic field as a whole is not. Auckland is the largest city in Polynesia. For some Polynesian island nations there are more expatriates living in Auckland than in their homeland.

Auckland's rich Pacific cultural mix is celebrated at festivals and sporting matches. Auckland often rates well in international quality-of-life polls, consistently rating in the top five. Culturally, the city is an interesting mix. As Europeans only settled in New Zealand less than years ago, an immigrant culture is prominent - many migrants from the British Isles and their immediate offspring populate the city.

Along with changing demographics and decentralisation of commerce to suburban nodes, the central city has witnessed significant residential influx over the last decade.

Education facilities and related services, many aimed aukland casino at Asian students, now represent a significant portion of commercial and residential building isle of capri casino lula ms in the CBD. Aukland casino indigenous peoples of New Zealand are the Māori, a large portion of whom have emigrated from their tribal villages in the last 60 years to cities such as Auckland.

Intermarriage rates have been substantial, so rather than appearing only as a prominently distinct ethnicity, an entire spectrum from European white to Māori has emerged. Though most Māori speak far better English than Te Aukland casino Māori, New Zealand added native Māori as an official language in ; however, English is overwhelmingly dominant. Many think that aukland casino Auckland does not have enough green space.

Instead of parks having been planned as centre pieces of the city from inception, as most other British Empire cities were, Auckland parks were after-thoughts, located on marginal aukland casino, as if no bets free ireland ever expected Auckland to grow beyond being a port town.

Meyer's Park previously a shanty town, bought for the city by the Meyers family is tucked out of the way in a gully. Albert Sie infinix zero price in slot der is difficult to access but aukland casino worth a visit and adjacent to the University of Auckland main campus and historic buildings.

Further up, Grafton Bridge crosses historic cemetery where aukland casino is an easy walk to the Botanical Garden and Domain - although not actually in the CBD proper.

Even though if you live in the CBD, you still need a car since the best shopping is in the suburbs. To get there driving a car is recommended as public transport is not efficient, since it doesn't really work and is not properly integrated. Yet aukland casino few city apartments have mohegan casino spaces! Auckland is situated in a temperate climate zone and, as such, does not experience hot or cold extremes at any time of year.

The summer months are from December through to March. The sun aukland casino very strong during this time and it is advisable to use sunscreen and cover exposed skin from prolonged exposure.

April to June brings cooler temperatures and rain toward the end of June which persists through winter until September and October.

Westerly airstreams predominate throughout the year and it is not unusual to experience weather systems that affected Sydney and Melbourne just a few days before - nor is it unusual to see occasional high altitude haze from summer wildfires in Australia; making for spectacular sunsets.

Humid and moist conditions are usual in all seasons. There is no monsoon but tropical cyclones spin down from the Pacific Islands a couple of times a year bringing aukland casino winds and heavy rain. Rainfall is never far away especially outside the summer months - outdoor activities should aukland casino planned with read more alternative inside option in case it rains at any time of year.

Localised tornadoes occur infrequently in summer months they have always occurred only recently been reported as the areas where they occur have only been developed within the last decade. Summer brings settled dry weather systems most years from early January - but being a maritime environment with no continental land mass it is not unusual to have wet summers also.

Winter brings chilly temperatures and overnight frosts to sheltered suburban areas. Snow flurries are a aukland casino in a aukland casino event. Auckland International Airport IATA: AKL - New Zealand's largest airport was 12th best overall airport in the world and second globally for airports that handle 10 to 20 million passengers a year aukland casino the SKYTRAX World Airport Awards. A special area is provided for assembling bikes that have been crated for air transport: International check in desks are located on the ground floor.

Arriving passengers come into the ground floor at west end of the terminal. The food court and shops on the first floor in the departures area before security provides comfortable seating and electricity sockets to aukland casino devices. Tired passengers can get a bit of snooze time - or for a better rest aukland casino is a modern hotel located within the parking zone - five minute's walk from the terminal.

A well positioned public viewing area and seating area is up the escalator beside the first level food court. A small games arcade and children's play area is also located there. A news stand, information booth and a coffee shop is located in the arrivals area - nearby escalators will take you to the first level aukland casino you want the food court.

There is duty free shopping available aukland casino both the arrivals and departure terminals. Alternatively, travellers can pre-purchase their duty free aukland casino via the Aelia Aukland casino Free website. There are also multiple collection points in Auckland Airport aukland casino you to collect your goods upon return. A aukland casino shuttle bus loops between the International and Domestic terminals every 20min.

It's a 5min ride. Otherwise, a paved uncovered walking path is well signposted - follow the line painted on the pavement. Aukland casino path is level and suitable to take luggage trolleys. The airport's located 25km to aukland casino south of central Auckland and 15km west of Manukau's centre, in the south of the greater conurbation on the shore of the Manukau Harbour. Transport from the airport to central Auckland and suburbs aukland casino bus, shuttle van and taxis.

Parking is plentiful for private motor vehicles and car hire firms are located in the area. If driving, orient yourself with a map first - and remember NZ drives on the left passenger side always at the curb or road edge unless on multiple lane roads. Airbus Express - runs 24 hours daily - Weekdays: Tickets can be purchased from Airbus Ticket Kiosks located at the Airportdirect from an Airbus Driver cash onlyor on-line.

For central Auckland bus departs every 30 min daily The this web page departs from a bus stop to the right of that the Airbus uses in aukland casino terminals. For Manukau City Centre aukland casino and travel hub; check with the driver and stay on the the bus. Day passes Discovery Pass - see Getting Around section cannot be purchased on the bus but can be used if already purchased on another public transport service prior to boarding.

It is usual for a driver to wait for other passengers going vaguely the same way as you. There are regulations as to how long a driver can wait after the first passenger arrives at the van.

SkyCity Auckland - Wikipedia

Donald Trump with National Maori Congress legal advisor Donna Hall rightwho said the casino magnate behaved impeccably during his one-day whirlwind visit to Auckland in InAukland casino Trump chanced his arm at planting his flag on New Zealand's fledgling casino industry, but authorities decided the flamboyant gambling magnate wasn't the right aukland casino. When Donald Trump arrived in New Zealand for a day aukland casinohe was trying to dig himself out from under a multibillion-dollar mountain learn more here debt.

Jetting into Auckland from Hong Kong and out again on August 23, the tycoon was here to try his luck getting an operator's licence for a casino on the site of the Auckland railway station. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his casino battle Melania Trump attend a campaign event in Washington, DC.

As a trustee of the Casino Control Authority, Michael Cox was charged with sizing up the developer's suitability, and was sent as an emissary to Trump's New York offices in February I felt nothing bad about him. Cox returned from the fleeting trip to Trump Towers with a "gut feeling" that Trump would not fit with the vision of New Zealand's nascent casino industry, and would not enjoy being here. Aukland casino in New Aukland casino, Cox took a trip with Trump and "some of his people" to visit aukland casino of his Atlantic City casino operations, which he discovered was in receivership.

My gut feeling was that he would not fit and he wouldn't fit with setting up a New Zealand casino industry. The authority envisioned Auckland's as an "international casino", unlike the backyard gambling getaway created when New Jersey pulled Atlantic City out of the doldrums of economic decline, crime, corruption and poverty in the late s by legalising casino gambling.

Later that year, Trump arrived, greeted by a brooding, stormy Auckland. Cox said it was "a aukland casino day" and the pinstripe-suited magnate was "thrown around in a helicopter. Trump had been all business, "he was pleasant, and he enjoyed his trip to New Zealand. He was obviously a good operator in that aukland casino negotiated everything.

That's how it was". On his visit, the authority re-iterated its position that Trump should not be given a licence - a stance he accepted. Cox's hunch would prove to be well-founded. Between andTrump's hotel and casino businesses were declared bankrupt six times, triggered by the over-leveraging of his resorts and casinos in Aukland casino York and Atlantic City. In Auckland during Trump's this web page visit was Donna Hall, legal advisor to the National Maori Congress, which aukland casino part of the joint venture with the Hong Kong company behind Auckland Casinos Ltd.

Hall said Trump treated her "impeccably", but she would not be drawn on source implications of his potential presidency. Cox - the National MP for Manawatu between andand still a party member - was more candid. The United States presidential race between Trump and opponent Hillary Clinton had opened aukland casino a "completely different front" for voters, not only in the US but for those in the UK and Australia unhappy with aukland casino way politicians were governing.

Despite widespread forecasts of Trump's certain political death come November 8, Cox said the race will be tight, and even if Clinton emerges victorious, she would have to weather aukland casino tough four years and would only last a single term, Cox believed.

A Trump aukland casino would have little impact in New Der the casino gold coast kann, but his often self-sabotaging, erratic and adversarial appeals to the everyman had already reshaped the US political landscape.

Is the Check this out Election rigged? Horror after dream holiday. Aussie boy missing after attack. Spain's day of terror. Attackers wore fake belts. Deadly terror attack in Spain. Kiwi's terror miss in Spain. Friends aukland casino in mayhem. Apple wem online casino gewonnen ist blasts Trump. Baby flamingo too hot to trot.

First US eclipse since Let's ignore nutjobs, numpties and Trump. Cash family warn off neo-Nazis. Top sailors in gun. Dating site dumps white supremacist. Van ploughs through crowds in Barcelona terror attack. Dr David Lim thought he was safe to indecently assault young male patients. Dr David Lim gets five years' jail time for indecent assault of male patients.

The discovery of two aukland casino found in Mamaku Forest shocks township. Arsonist tried to burn aukland casino while she held their three-month old baby. Two bodies found in Mamaku Forest. New slip closes Ngaio Gorge Rd yet again. Mother wants prosecution aukland casino train attack on teens. Winston Peters takes on Casino coeur d idaho over Mark Aukland casino remarks.

I'm a meat-lover - and a vegan. Weather photo of the week: Walking in rainy Wellington. Trump's America Australia Americas Aukland casino Middle East Asia Africa South Pacific. Trump's bid for Auckland's casino knocked back after whirlwind tour. MATT Aukland casino Last updated  Saved Saved Stories Saved Saved Stories. Save Saved Stories Save Saved Stories. Most popular Viewed Shared Commented function fireNavEvent { if window window.

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