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As many of you will inside gaming heard, Inside Gaming is leaving Machinima. Adam Kovic, Inside gaming Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, James Willems, Sean Poole, Matt Peake and Joel Rubin. It is unknown if anyone else will follow at this time. Or subscribing to the IG channel and this subreddit. Very little at inside gaming point. We know they all chose to leave together and stay together, but we still don't know what iteration the channel will inside gaming back in.

It takes time to sort these things out when starting fresh, but rest assured that it will be soon as possible. First of all, thats not a question. IG will inside gaming be posting videos there for the next week and there are also other great shows on there such as "Ten for the win" and "ETC".

Believe me, these decisions are not a spur of the moment decision. This has been in the inside gaming for a while. Joel has just click for source on his livestream that he is not quite ready to say anything on the matter just yet. Hope to have more details in the coming days, regardless, we just want to keep you entertained" - Adam Kovic on twitter.

Edit 5 THEY HAVE Inside gaming INTO THE NEW OFFICE. I am aware that you guys aren't going to upload any longer on the IG channel, however will the channel still stay up and will I still be able to inside gaming past videos? Machinima owns the Inside Gaming name, as well as all the videos on the channel and on the Machinima channel.

It will be up to Machinima whether or not they want to keep those videos up. Talk about a big ol' can of worms. Id imagine this is one of the inside gaming factors in the decisions the guys have made.

When you only have a small grip on your own content then i wouldn't blame anyone for making a similar decision. Inside gaming better not fuck up on this. Regardless, someone go download every IG video and upload them on piratebay. Would you be willing to make a trade? Perhaps some used toiletries, a Lunchables, and a VHS copy of "Highlander II: Im willing to bet this happens.

Rosterteeth even talked about inside gaming an Inside gaming club casino on a recent podcast. Joel's Holey Moley Show This would be a civilised show with Joel smoking from a pipe drinking British PG Tips with a cardboard cut out of the Queen. Nanners, Hutch, Sark and Khail all gone Hutch's farewell vid made me a little steamy eyed, but Sark's made me lose skycity queenstown casino for some odd reason.

I just can't believe its happening all over again. I mean I knew he just fucked around with friend in gmod and shit. Didn't see his stuff in a while though. It was just started late last year because Nanners and others were tired of smaller channels getting fucked over by big dogs like Machinima inside gaming other "too-big" networks. Unlike Machinima, JETPAK is much more hands-off when it comes to channels under their banner. They also don't take like half of your biete genting casino poker choose, unlike Machinima.

Jetpak isn't taking shit. I like Nanners' prior work, inside gaming I think he's doing a good thing. I don't even produce content, I just hate seeing good personalities inside gaming fucked over by Machinima. Bro Team practically had inside gaming break the Youtube TOS to get the fuck out of their clutches. I actually like the guy. Though he freelances and sometimes shows up for Machinima's Dark Room.

Inside gaming streams on his twitch most nights and sometimes plays casino big apple Sarkypoo. I miss that Chemistry. I've been watching IG for roughly the last four years.

Their videos have been what I go to when I just want to enjoy something on YouTube in the background whilst doing something else whether work, games, etc. Let me tell you a story Years ago, when I were just a wee 20 something lad, I frequented a Pub, named Barzia. This was unlike any other I had been to in my life Spacious, clean, cheap, good beer, Inside gaming Table and Football on the telly. I loved this inside gaming, it was my getaway with my friends after a hard day sellin PS2 games to the masses.

It was like my 'Cheers' but with unwashed dribbling buffoons replacing the cast. Inside gaming day we would be greeted with a friendly heartfelt 'Hello' and gently and lovingly shoved from the premise at closing time. So much were we regulars, that when they invested in a new pool table we were given exclusive day one access to test. But that's what you get for sticking Baize to slate with velcro, but I digress So one day upon purchasing 4 pints, i was stunned to be charged 50p a inside gaming Tears began to form Everyday after, I walked past vera john casino en closed pub hoping that day would be the day.

Months later it was boarded up as the work started, excitement grew That made me teary eyed knowing the name we've come to love full homo might not carry over: I've been watching since Inside Inside gaming, on machinima.

I'll follow you guys wherever you go. I'm glad you guys want to stick together, and I hope you can all do that. Yeah me too, I was tempted to after Khail left ETC but now with this there inside gaming nothing left on Machinima for me, except 10 FTW but I'm not staying subscribed for one small show. Or he will run inside gaming as a one man show. It will win an EGOT and Phil will be a millionaire.

ETC, Steve and Larson, BFFs Still some top content on Machinima. Plus, we don't know why they are leaving. Machinima may have wanted to keep IG, we don't inside gaming yet. Inside gaming is obviously a masterplan in place which, considering how open the IG guys are, will come to light when they are ready.

In this time of trouble we can only do what we do best as a community and speculate wildly about where they may end up. Where they inside gaming on all the latest lunar releases. I mean, we can assume and speculate about a wide variety of things, but I think it's clear they now go their inside gaming ways, and when we need them mos, they'll hear our cries for help, and they shall become The Avengers.

Inside gaming for Adam, he'll be in the Justice League. Adam Kovic did mention that Total Biscuit emailed him in one of the older IG Daily videos. It was sometime after Spoole called him smug, but Total Biscuit has mentioned Inside Gaming before. It's very possible they could end up at Polaris.

TB did recruit a lot of people into Polaris, like Jim Sterling for example, I can inside gaming that happening, i would be so happy to see Adam or the others in the Co-optional podcast: Whether or not anyone reads this remains to be seen, inside gaming I just feel like I need to say it. I fucking love you guys. Every single day for at least the last year, I've come home from work click gone straight to the IG channel.

Every single day you motherfuckers have put out good content that has given me hours of laughs. Unlike many others here, I don't remember click to see more I first found you guys or inside gaming video popped my IG cherry, but I do know that whatever the fuck inside gaming was, it got me hooked for good. With other YouTube channels I have watched daily, after a short period of inside gaming, I have gotten tired of the content or humor.

This is not the case inside gaming you guys. I love every god damn video. I can't get enough. The fucking "Death Orgy" video you guys did in GTA recently had me laughing for the entire 11 or 13 minutes. Now on to brass tacks. As everybody inside gaming probably knows by now, you're leaving Machinima but staying together as a crew. The important part is that you are gonna be staying together.

I don't know if it's just the alcohol in my system, but when I watched the IG Daily for today where you guys announced that you're leaving Machinima, I could see Adam's emotions showing through his cold, dead, bitchy resting face. I know this can't be an easy decision for you guys, but Inside gaming know wherever you end up will be just as fantastic and truly glorious as your current empire of videos.

Whatever you guys end up doing, I'll be there watching and being happy with whatever the fuck you guys are putting out. I'll be making a twitter account just to see what you guys are doing and, as always, religiously checking this subreddit. I inside gaming you guys the best of luck, and can't wait inside gaming see what's next for you guys. Seriously, you gotta give us plenty of notice for what your plans for the future are. Without gushing, you give a varied yet neutral view on all sides inside gaming the gaming industry.

Ya'll have changed the way I think about games and the processes behind them.


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