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Jupiters casino buffet discount

I can't seem to find this on the website anymore … can someone tell me what happened to it, or link me to it please?? Hi does anyone have a copy of the ad they can PM me as I booked in but I need a copy of the offer?

Was asked to bring in the ad. Might try and get hold of a hard copy from the office on the Gold Coast if the OP doesn't get back to me.

I just phoned and asked if I needed copy of the ad and was told no I don't! Did not read more when I made the booking though?

You are in breach of gaming legislation and we have not approved this ad to appear on your website. You also have included misleading information which we have not approved. I guess it is regarding to the gaming part of the deal. We do usually honour merchants' requests to have deals pulled, if the offer was posted against their will. However since "legal team" was mentioned, Http:// don't really want to hear about them anymore so JupitersGoldCoast.

No matter what their opinion might be internally about a specifically targeted offer being made available to a wider audience, they betting ireland sites have handled this in a better way.

I'm contacting you about the post on your website mentioning a current offer. While we are very happy with the response from the OzBargain community, the offer really was intended for a targeted community, not the community at large. For this reason, I would be grateful if you would remove the offer from your website.

There may also coushatta casino kinder la some problems with the comments made with regard to gaming legislation and in the interests of all involved, it may be prudent to remove those comments. At the moment we don't have any specific offers we can make to the OzBargain community, but hopefully in the future we can put together a great package for what is obviously a discerning audience.

Congratulations on the success of your great website and i look forward to hopefully working together in the future. It's not real hard is it. Rather than threatening to call in the dogs… I wonder how some businesses survive sometimes. I agree with most of this, however it's a Casino… the only one in the GOLD COAST… of course it's going to survive: Worth noting The Star and other Jupiters Casinos are Jupiters casino buffet discount. From Tabcorp "Tabcorp acquired the Star City hotel and casino, a major entertainment complex in Sydney, in In the company merged with Jupiters, the owner of hotel and casino complexes in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Townsville".

Except for the fact the you don't have a gaming licence, so you don't jupiters casino buffet discount to follow the gaming regulations that are set for license holders. If THEY advertised it, then THEY would be in breach of advertising gaming. This thread is just word of mouth.

Maybe the ad that they ran had advertised the casino dollars, which is illegal, and by posting the deal they are getting this web page attention and may get into trouble that way. You're not in breach of gaming legislation, if anyone would be it is the one with the gaming license.

Can someone PM me the code and jupiters casino buffet discount I saw this jupiters casino buffet discount this morning and wanted to book today: Yes, this morning however there was very limited dates available and need to stay by 21 July. They said need to provide a copy of the offer though which I don't have.

Now I defiantly wont be going there, and I actually live on the GC. Its publicity like this that makes me dislike companies. The cynical side of me wonders if the "targeted market" is because of the belief that Chinese people are tragic gamblers. James Packer ownership in multiple casinos learn more here Perth and Sydney has stated that the Chinese are his target market.

He visit web page wants jupiters casino buffet discount build a tables only casino in Sydney to attract Chinese gambling tourists.

I am absolutely appalled and disgusted jupiters. This jupiters casino buffet discount should go mainstream so people like me can see how low you sink. Im pretty easy and liberal too - No way easily offended.

I probably won't even go in and use your toilets anymore. I will be boycotting any dealings with Jupiter's in the future and will steer friends and colleagues away also. Just because the loyalty manager was a threatening arse clown.

Can I get a PM of the deal please guys?? Looks like jupiters casino buffet discount officially been jupiters casino buffet discount, Nice work guys lol. Also they never used to request you bring in the ad. Obviously trying to weed out the "non Asians" from obtaining this deal. To those who have booked and been told to bring in the ad. Well if they can navigate the website for the magazine - http: Or try to find a distribution point?

Personally I would be challenging them if the original ad didn't say you had to bring it in then are they allowed to look agen bet365 afgis-Logo change the conditions of the offer? I'd love to go here what happens if I got one of my friends who spoke to Chinese to ring up and book it.

I jupiters casino buffet discount there would read more more dates available jupiters casino buffet discount no mention of 'Bring the ad in'. I've looked through that website and couldn't find the ad. I've asked my Chinese friend who works in tourism to look out for it… fingers crossed.

I was asked to bring in the ad but I know of someone else who wasn't asked. I will never be recommending them again. I work in a well known award winning restaurant across the road in Broadbeach, and we get heaps and heaps, and heaps, of patrons asking the best places to stay and visit are. After the threats Jupiters jupiters casino buffet discount sent to OZBargain, our restaurant, and others around us will never recommend Jupiters ever again.

Scare tactics are way too often deployed from big business to small independent websites — it's definitely not the first time. Maybe I shall start a thread that gets updated whenever we have received a legal threat. Although we usually just stop communication with the threatening party, just in case threat becomes reality.

As of Jupiters, I used to go jupiters casino buffet discount for the ground floor buffet lunch twice a year as my parents live on the Gold Coast. Don't think I'll go there any more, not to mention the price has really gone up in recent years. I just hope us not recommending their shows, and recommending Dracula's click the road instead turns away some people at least.

I think the ad may be put on some chinese newspaper instead of the magazine, I recommand people to search for latest chinese newspapers in QLD. I just called them and they simply said "The BB offer has closed now. Like the expiry date of the original offer Thanks! I am thinking that this is booked out now as when i booked on Monday morning they had very little availability.

If anyone tracks down the paper seneca casino hotels niagara by of this promotion could jupiters casino buffet discount scan and send it to me? I wasn't asked to bring in a copy but it would be good to have anyway. I just recently found out that someone that my friend knows works at the Jupiters and knows about this was betting casino offers Venen. I've been told that this promotion was zwanglose intertops classic casino bonus codes erfüllt intended for readers of some Chinese newspaper in QLD and not for everyone and that the promo ad must be handed in when checking in.

Whether they will enforce that, who knows. However, I've been told that is the case. Apparently, the ad was written all in Chinese so even if you did have the ad, if you don't look Chinese or somehow don't give the impression that you know anything about Chinese, I wish you luck.

Please jupiters casino buffet discount us all informed how it goes! Many Westerners have an interest in Chinese culture and read Mandarin. Pretty bad if you stay more than 2 nights! Changes the deal considerably. Just imagine the difference if you for a week. Does anyone know if this is true????

Therefore, if you wish to stay for more than 1 night consecutively, I suggest you individually book your rooms for the different dates. Yes, it's a bit of a hassle constantly checking in and out but it should technically work. Thank you for clearing that up. After the experiences of other site members I was hesitant to believe them. Glad I wasn't being told the wrong thing.

Guess they are aiming it at people who stay at least 2 nights. Stayed there and luckily wasn't asked for the ad. However, you can't pay using your credits.

Jupiters casino buffet discount were heaps of retirees having this and Jupiters casino buffet discount wasn't surprised. As long as you can stay away from the casino, you got yourself a good deal. The way around high food prices is to go to the food area inside the casino - in the gaming area. It's heaps cheaper than Spinners or the other restaurants. I'm told it's all cooked in the same place and distributed to the different venues anyhow. Certainly the staff are shared across both the italian and the french restaurants.

As well, if you are a member of the absolute rewards club you can join free of charge at the casino you can get 2 free drinks from the machine inside the casino each day coffee,tea etc and there are food specials at the casino food area if you show your card.

They're generally good prices.

Thrilling entertainment, delectable dining, fabulous bars and luxurious accommodation at The Star Gold Coast. Find out more!.

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KIYOMI Japanese Restaurant - Jupiters Hotel & Casino

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