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The video game industry generated marketing budgets Gaming conventions are an important showcase of the industry. The major annual gaming conventions.

Advertisers are moving away from interruption click at this page and toward interactive means of getting their messages seen and heard. Marketing in gaming industry is that trend more visible than in the growing popularity of influencer marketing in gaming industry. Over the past two years, influencer marketing has steadily grown in popularity and has just closed the gap with video advertising.

Note see above that the gap is now closed. This is especially true for the gaming industry. YouTube and Twitch sponsorships are becoming an integral part of any meaningful video-game-marketing campaign due to a massive following by engaged audiences. And this is why: We recently spoke with marketing experts from leading game publishers and independent studios to identify the top marketing in gaming industry they face with influencer marketing on YouTube.

With the ever-growing number of Marketing in gaming industry channels and limited targeting options provided by the platform, finding the right talent can be difficult. If I were a PR marketing in gaming industry, and I was trying to marketing in gaming industry the right reporter at The Wall Street Journal, I could do that … probably within one Google search or two mouse clicks.

Targeting the right influencers can be a lot more complex. When promoting a video game, publishers are looking for the most relevant niche audiences. Finding an influencer for a specific game platform, marketing in gaming industry or theme can make you feel like the farmer tasked with finding a needle in a haystack. Given the lack of available data, that, too, is problematic. We look at the previously sponsored videos by that influencer and, if there are any bit.

You can put a bit. Gaming influencers often play hard-to-get. Maybe they offer click here email address you find through either a general web search or through the platform, but they may not be checking that address often. Even if marketing in gaming industry find the right person, getting to speak with them and having a productive conversation is still not a given. Another challenge with YouTube influencers engagement is the cutthroat pricing competition for popular talent.

Access poses another problem: Marketers often end up working through several layers of brokers, which can muddle communication and make expenses skyrocket. I prefer reaching out directly to YouTubers. Despite all of the obstacles, recruiting a few influencers is manageable, but bringing the process to scale is resource-intensive. Another hurdle that marketers face is finding a secret sauce for creation of authentic, engaging and relevant content. Gaming YouTubers upload new video content every single day, so breaking through all of this noise requires an effective content strategy.

Here, again, marketers turn to data analysis. Electronic Arts global head of community and engagement Adam Tanielian said:. There is so much competition, so how do you break through all of the other content that is there?

To analyze content performance, we look at retention rates, watch time, shareability and appearance in search. Each channel brings together a different crowd of gamers. It takes time and effort to analyze the demographics, unique dynamics, relationships with influencers and reactions to different types of content. Blizzard Entertainment global community engagement manager for Overwatch Kiki Aitken said:. It does take a lot of time to get to know the content that someone is producing, and also to go back and do some historical content analysis: What were they doing before, and how did it shape their community?

One big caveat of YouTube influencer marketing is the lack of precise data tracking. Emma Larkinsformer marketing lead at DreamSail Games and current freelance marketing specialist, said:. I guess one of the biggest challenges is that we have to sacrifice a little bit of trackability and attribution for just getting people straight to our content.

We push users straight to our Steam page because we are concerned that with having a landing page we would get too much drop-off. Even within the video-game, marketers have very different goals. YouTube Influencer marketing is essential for the gaming industry, but it has also become marketing in gaming industry primary tool in many other industries.

The problems are many, but the prize is plenty big enough to make the effort worthwhile. Influencer marketing will continue to mature. As it does, we will see more standardization, more automation and better return on investment. Polina Haryacha is senior product marketing manager at integrated communication and entertainment platform My.

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Marketing in gaming industry

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